Friday, February 02, 2007

Okies loose in Shanghai are a dangerous thing...

Okay, so I have not done a blog in awhile I know. The truth is after I got dismissed from the job after a few too many meltdowns and strangleholds; I felt as if that was the close of the first chapter of the Shanghai Saga, all's well that end's well and all of that. Believe me there will be more - many more - chapters. I did go down to Shenzhen a few weeks ago which was nice. It is much like China's version of a 1970s Southern California without the Eagles and just a touch of Linda Rondstadt.

Oh, and while I was there, I found out lovely Shenzhen is the most dangerous place in China. The person who wants to represent me as an academic there was stabbed in the metro one night. He showed me the nasty scar. I was shocked. So with the little bit of Linda Rondstadt add a little bit of the danger of Van Halen II or the Spahn Ranch on a bad trip. Must we hear Manson sing? Needless to say, the stabbing which almost severed the young man's hand put a cloud over the whole Shenzhen experience. I thought I wanted to live in a warmer clime. As Player said in 'Baby Come Back,''I was wrong.' I am still in love with Shanghai - now perhaps more than ever. Rejuvenated and Reinvigoated, I came back to the city which still holds many untapped fantasies for me.

Plus, when I did get back from Shezhen, I interviewed for a new job as a writing teacher at Xiang Ming High School which is in downtown Shanghai. This means I will be moving soon since they seemed to love me and hired me on the spot. So, I go put a deposit on a very chic 1st floor flat today that actually has a big enclosed tiled yard. I am very excited about this yes! Everything is new in the flat and the landlord actually outfitted the place with the sort of pricey Zsa Zsa Gabor meets Jacky Chan in Cary Grant's living room that I need and deserve in the post meltdown fantasy life into which I have slid .

Lo and Behold, also -and this is pretty killer and one of the reasons I am back in love with Shanghai - when I did come back, I received a cryptic message from someone who knew of me from my rock star days. We met up. He is fantastic, that link in the chain that I was waiting for. Actually, he is a whole section of fence. Actually, maybe he is the whole fence complete with Alice Cooper Whiplash eyeliner. To me, he is the president - and now that he has taken to donning said eyeliner, perhaps the first lady - of Shanghai's fringe culture movement. He knows where to get fantastic threads tailored for next to nothing. He has this coat that I am sure was stolen from some Vivienne Westwood Bay City Roller homage dream I had. He knows where the cool spots to hang are. He is the most connected person I have met here yet.

That being said, he is now producing a weekly podcast - as a documentary is being made which he orchestrated as well - about my exploits. He is an Okie. He's been everyplace. He now lives in Shanghai. Without a doubt, Okies loose in Shanghai are a dangerous thing.

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